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Star Shield Lite Extended Warranty Contract (August 2018)

(i)     Star Shield Lite Extended Warranty Plans are subjected to Star Shield’s General Terms and Conditions, https://www.starshield.sg/warranty-terms

(ii)    Star Shield Lite Extended Warranty Plan is eligible for all PCs and notebooks except Microsoft Surface Products, mobile phones and tablets.

(iii)    Star Shield Lite Extended Warranty Plan is only applicable to customers who have purchased a laptop during the trade shows held in Singapore. 

(iv)    Star Shield Lite Extended Warranty Plan is only available to PCs and notebooks with minimum 1 year of manufacturers’ warranty and maximum 2 years of manufacturers’ warranty.

(v)     To activate Star Shield Lite Extended Warranty Plan, customers have to sign up online at https://www.starshield.sg/trade-show-exclusives within 14 days of the invoice purchase date.

(vi)     Star Shield Lite Extended Warranty Plan is only eligible for 1-time claim only, for any coverage, with 50% of the coverage value and subjected to 20% excess fees. After which, the warranty will cease thereafter.

(vii)     All upgraded Extended Warranty plans (Standard and Premium) are capped at 1 and 2 years (inclusive of Lite warranty coverage) after the manufacturer's warranty ends.

(viii)    Customers are unable to upgrade from Star Shield Lite to Standard or Premium Extended Warranty Plans after 9 months from the invoice purchase date, subjected to prevailing charges at the point of purchase.

(ix)     All Terms and Conditions are subjected to change without notice at Star Shield’s sole discretion. You may check this page occasionally so that you are aware of any changes.

(x)      In carrying out its obligations, Star Shield may, at its discretion and solely for the purposes of monitoring the quality of Star Shield’s response, record part or all of the calls between you and Star Shield.


Email: lite@starshield.sg