Star Shield Lite Extended Warranty
Trade Show Exclusive 

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Star Shield Lite Extended Warranty Plan is a FREE 6 MONTHS WARRANTY PLAN that extends the warranty coverage of your PCs and notebooks beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty, helping you to achieve a longer life-span for your devices.

This exclusive Lite Plan will only be available during major IT trade shows which are held in Singapore throughout the year.


Be stress-free with our warranty deals – we will ensure that your damaged devices go back to how they were when you first bought them. Simply scroll down to the table below to find out more about the various benefits exclusively available for you under the Lite Plan and make an informed decision to protect your favorite devices.

Replacement Parts
Service Labour
Diagnostic Service
Cleaning Service
Over the Phone Technical Support
1-Time Warranty Ownership Transfer
Digital Warranty Record
Priority Repair
1-to-1 Exchange (Beyond Repair)
Loan Units (Subjected to availability)*

1-Time Battery Replacement*
1-Time Cracked Screen Replacement**
1-Time Fire, Theft and Flood Replacement
Power Surge Protection
Number of Times Claimable 1 Unlimited till Coverage Value
Coverage Value 50% 100%
Excess Fees (Per repair service) 20% No excess
Coverage Duration 6 Months 24 Months


*Loan Unit and Battery Replacement is only applicable to Notebooks.

 ** Cracked Screen Replacement is only applicable to Notebooks, Smartphones and Tablets.

Follow these three easy steps for activation of your Star Shield Lite Extended Warranty Plan!

1) Click on ‘Register Now!’ button below
2) Simply fill in the required details and click Submit
3) Congratulations, you have successfully activated your plan!

Activation of Lite Plan must be completed within 14 days from the date of purchase. Click here for the full terms and conditions.