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About Us


Founded in 2008, Star Shield is the largest network of IT Extended Warranty and Computer Repair Service provider in Singapore. Focusing on electronic products such as desktop computers, PC/notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and printers, we aim to provide quality products and services to consumers so that you can feel assured leaving your electronics in our hands. Star Shield is committed to helping consumers extend the shelf life of their electronics through our services. Star Shield is also an ISO 9001:2015 and Biz Safe Level 3 certified company.

Today, Star Shield has a professional team of electronic specialists located in 8 different stores across Singapore that offer a comprehensive range of technical services. These qualities allow Star Shield to focus on its goals and become a leading industry player to keep your electronics up and running. Contact Us for a list of stores nearest to you to get started.


Excellent Quality: Star Shield ensures that our repair services and replacements are of the highest quality.

Reliability Assured: Star Shield is built upon transparency and integrity with our consumers to provide a sense of assurance and security.

Good Service: Star Shield aims to provide consumers with a pleasant experience through a comprehensive service standard.


Star Shield strives to provide the best for both consumers and employees to achieve a winning situation for all stakeholders. Hence, we adhere by these core values to help us achieve our goals:

Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity to be a company trusted by all.

Growth: We aim to grow as both a company and an individual by challenging ourselves and pushing beyond our boundaries to expand our capabilities.
Empathy: We put ourselves in the shoes of our consumers to truly understand their needs and provide the best customer service possible.