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Repair Services FAQ

Star Shield provides an extensive range of repair and upgrading services for all hardware defects and operating system-based software defects. In addition, we provide data backup and recovery services if you have important information/ software stored within your devices.

You can drop off your devices at any of our 9 stores where our specialists will attend to your problem as soon as possible.

We do not charge consultation fees. There will be a service fee if you choose to send your devices in for a detailed diagnostic with us.

On-site pick up and return service is available for a fee of $40 per trip.

Star Shield takes in a wide variety of models ranging from PC/notebooks to printers. Do contact us via our hotline or submit a form to enquire about the specific model that you are enquiring.

All our repair services come with a 3 month workmanship guarantee. This means that you can re-send your equipment to us if the diagnosed problem still persists and we will repair it free of charge.

You are highly encouraged to back up your files and software before sending in your devices as there may be a chance where the files inside may be re-formatted during the repair process. We provide Data Backup and OS Re-installation services to our PREMIUM plan holders for free while other plan holders may also engage in those services for a fee.

We may use original or third-party replacement parts depending on the availability of the requested parts. Should we use third party replacement parts, rest assure that we carefully select and perform quality check on all our parts to ensure that what you are getting is of the best quality.

We take fulfillment time seriously in Star Shield as we understand how much your device means to you. Hence, we always try our best to ensure that it is within a reasonable amount of time. The fulfillment time is unique to each individual case based on the areas of defect. Our specialists will contact you via SMS once your device is ready for collection.