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The Star Shield Pledge

Quality, Reliability and Service are our top priority. Star Shield uses only the best replacement parts and specialists to ensure that you only receive the best.

Eligible Electronics

Star Shield provides repair services for most PC/notebooks, tablets, mobile phones and printers. Contact us to find out more about the model that you are enquiring for.

Repair Drop-off/Collection

You can send your faulty electronics, PC/Notebooks, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets to any of our 10 stores located across Singapore. For any other electronics, please call our hotline at 6586 7788. You can also check your electronics’ repair status from our website. 

Repair Price List

The repair cost is unique to each case depending on the problems. The full price list of repairs can be found here. Alternatively, we recommend you to approach any of our specialists to perform a free initial consultation of your problem.


Got more questions to ask?

For more information about our repair services, you can visit our FAQ page or visit us. The full terms & conditions can be requested from any of our 10 stores.