Star Shield PREMIUM Warranty


Star Shield PREMIUM Warranty Plan maximises the protection of your devices by adding additional years of coverage beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty. It also provides Accidental Damage Protection against accidental mishandling of your electronics.

Coverage includes:

1.   Replacement Parts
2.   Service Labour
3.   Cleaning Service
4.   1 Time Ownership Transfer
5.   Diagnostic Service
6.   Hotline Support
7.   Digital Warranty Record
8.   Loan Unit
9.   1 To 1 Exchange
10. Priority Repair
11. 1 Time Crack Screen Replacement
12. 1 Time Battery Replacement
13. 1 Time Fire/theft or Flood Protection
14. Hard Disk Backup and Data Transfer Services
15. Power Surge Protection

More information can be found in the information page.